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Welcome to the first installment of our Poetry Corner!

First up: haiku.  This verse tells of an adventurous lad who thought to apply grape flavored bubblegum to a sensitive area:

My great grape pee hole
Soft purple bubbles I blow
speckles of pubies

Kitty cat screaming
is your tail in the door?
Not so quick are you?

wet sinus oyster
probing at my proboscis
rewarding treasure.

revisited eggs
flushed each corporate morning
sulfur stings my eyes

Midnight grasshopper
which cupboard are you under?
My hammer awaits.

Oh screaming goober
Wait until your mother turns
Barney will hurt you.

Too much inhaling
I talk to sneakers all night
They say Buddha farts.

my rocks to one side
crushed as I sit in my Hanes
tears stream down my face

Anna's got hindsight when others are bare.
People like her are very rare.
A hare here,
A hare there,
Who knows where the next hare will be?

Brown things attract broken,
They fit in like a token.
When will the world know
How fast things blow?

She turns around to look in back
And all she sees is total black.
"Look over here!"
"Look over there!"
"Oh, I see another hare!"

I spy around me and what do I see?
Not just one but as many as three.

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