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A friend told me this one when we were in fifth or sixth grade: It seems that he was friends with a couple of brothers who were his age and lived up the road. One day, he was over their house when one of them asked him if he wanted to "rub dick." He had no idea what this kid was talking about, and didn't want to, either. The kid decided to show him by demonstrating it on his own brother.

My friend ran home and tells me that the next time he saw them, he beat the shit out of the two brothers.

So much for rubbing dick in my town. I guess that's where the tradition began and ended.

I remember this kid from grammar school (I believe that he and his family later moved to Portugal). There was some weird shit going on with him and his little sister.  I remember him once telling me a story about pinning her down and dry-humping her when he was in seventh grade and she in fourth - I certainly didn't inquire, he just blurted it out matter of factly.  I later heard a story that he went all the way, but this was never confirmed and, frankly, I'd rather not know.

When I was a Cub Scout, we went away to our first sleepaway camp... and my tentmate showed me his butthole.  One day, out of the blue, he did it - he bent over and spread his asscheeks.  I was horrified.  What would make him think I wanted to see his butthole?

The following year I had a tentmate who peed on me.  He got up in the middle of the night and pissed all over me in my sleeping bag.  He was also always trying to get me to have "cockfights" with him.

I moved to a new town (and a new school) when I was in fourth grade.  My first acquaintance (after knowing him for all of five minutes) asked me if my dick got big when I saw pictures of naked women.

When my brother and I were at the beach one time with our seven year old cousin, we were playing around on the sandbar. I don't know how it started because I wasn't there for the beginning of the conversation, but my twelve year old brother was telling our cousin that chicks will never be enough to satisfy his needs. "Every once in awhile, you need a hot cock." I remember my cousin arguing against this ideaafter all, we're Catholic.  My brother said "No, when you get to be my age, you'll need a big dong now and again." He pointed out a big weightlifter dude in a Speedo getting into the water and said "Like that guy over there, I'll bet he has a big one."

I think I swam away at that moment. I know that my brother was just messing with the kid, as I've never seen him with a hot cock, but I wanted no part in converting our seven year old cousin to homosexuality just for sport.


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