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[Sticker photo]Sooooo... Want some 'Peckertracks' Caution stickers, but too broke (or too friggin' cheap) to buy them from Pludie?  Don't despair - they're easy to make!

You will need:

  • This file: cpttp.pdf (which means you'll need a recent vintage copy of Adobe Acrobat reader - which happens to be available for free from Adobe's site; if you're getting errors your version isn't recent enough)
  • Some quantity of 8.5" x 11" one label per sheet (i.e. "leave the cutting into separate labels to us" style) neon yellow laser labels (available via mail order or by special order at most office supply stores - figure about $35 per box of 100 sheets) 
  • (Optional) Some quantity of 9" x 12" self-adhesive laminating sheets (to make your stickers shiny and snazzy - highly recommended and typically under $25 for a box of 50)
  • Access to a laser printer (ink jet may work, but results won't be as nice) and a decent paper cutter.

Directions are: print said PDF file upon said labels, slap on said (optional but highly recommended) laminate sheet, and cut using said paper cutter.  Note that you'll have to trim a bit off the left and right margins (as well as top and bottom) before cutting down the middle, then between each label.  Each 8.5" x 11" sheet should (barring cutting goofs or misprints) yield 10 stickers.

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