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I talked to my brother last night, and he told me a story that some guy he works with told him.  The guy works construction in Washington state.  I guess that Washington is very rural, with the exception of Seattle.  Anyway, he's is new to the area and doesn't really know anyone, so his boss and bosses' wife invite him over for a New Years Eve party.

He gets there, and all of the guys have mullets and those bad teenage mustaches.  They're also wearing cut off jean shorts.  I guess that everyone is doing coke and crystal meth the whole day, so it's a classy affair.

Anyway, his boss and the wife get into a fight that pretty much goes all day.  That night, the boss finds his wife in the hot tub with some guy who is banging the hell out of her. The boss grabs a gun and points it at the guy, who continues to bang his wife and tells him to get the hell out of there.  Finally, the guy doing the humping gets annoyed at being disturbed, jumps out of the hot tub with a big hard on, and proceeds to take the gun and beat the crap out of the boss. He returns to the hot tub and continues shtooping the wife.  My brother's friend witnessed all of this and couldn't believe it.  What could be more humiliating than getting the shit kicked out of you by a guy with a hard on who goes right back to dorking your wife?

Ummm... Coming to work the next morning with everyone knowing about it?


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